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All help you need to improve your farm, garden and plants. Top rated product and services – check today’s deal for coupons and special offers… complete food supplement series… growing medium different seeds… plant care products…

Aquarium Plant Complete Food Supplement


Complete solution for your planted aquarium.With this in hand, now you can easily grow your Aquarium plants in any substrate.

It contains all necessary nutrients that plants need including NPK, Micro and Macro nutrients….

Nicksgardenss Water Lily: Complete Food Supplement organic


Healthy growth and continues flowering Great results. Very Easy to apply no critical measurements. Just need to apply following the instructions manual.

Amazing results.



We are involved in different activities related to

  • Farming.
  • Cultivation.
  • Setting up farm, green houses.
  • Organic farming Setup.
  • Garden designing and installation.
  • Soil-less gardening.

Each of these requires specific tools, skill sets and above all right approach for effective results. To know more please check our About us section.

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Its becoming more clear as we are moving forward in time. That present ways of farming and cultivation is not good for us as well as for nature. At present its a pressing need that we should shift from chemical based harmful and toxic  cultivation practice to eco friendly organic farming where other living, supporting elements of nature can help to  make it more effective. We need to understand and learn to coexist with nature.

In coming years community farming  and collective farming will play important role to come out of this. Since now you want to grow and cultivate for  better health and life rather than high margin and market trends

Gradually we are realizing the health benefit of such practice and people from different sector are showing interest and coming together to start a small project.

we are helping them as well with required technical and practical knowledge.

In-fact there are lot of things involved and when you start such project with a proper guidance it give you outstanding results…

Please read about us section for more details

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Its not a quick fix solution but if the initial setup is done properly organic farming can  give you outstanding results… In long term its eco friendly and always pays back. Since you are enhancing your garden/farm.

Most important is its healthy even if you have a small or a tiny piece of land or even roof… you can easily grow some vegetables and some fruit plants, you just need basic planning… Once you test your own grown 100% organic fruit and veg you will feel the…

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Complete food supplements for Plants (Organic)

Always people ask me what’s the best way to maintain, flower, fruit, growth, soil for a specific plant and my replies are always a long well described prescription with daily maintenance(seriously its not easy to give a crash course in 30 mins on each plant type✨🐮) and over the time people skip few vital points just because📲 don’t have enough time.

Here you’ll find planting materials……..

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Even if you have 2 or 10000 plants and trees, go to them to meet them. Plants can feel your presence, and everyday wait for you and feel happy when you go near them and look at them. Sometimes I go for 15-20 days trip and when I return every time each one of the plants starts flowering !!!! (even though for some of them its not their flowering season)…………….

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How do I grow Sage from seeds?


OK lets start from beginning.Here’s in simple steps.

  1. Get good quality seed , check for germination rate and expiry date.
  2. prepare germination medium plain soil and sand 50:50 no other fancy thing unless you want to kill them. You can prepare the growing medium different other ways but covering all that in detail here will turn this into a long…..

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Black Rose Plant

There are different types of black rose

There are different types of black roses that I know and among all this is the darkest. few you see in market, injected black color, dye in black color, and few on-line on websites ( photo/color edited )as almost everyday I receive queries regarding black rose “the one which we have seen on net”….

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