Its becoming more clear as we are moving forward in time, that present ways of farming and cultivation is not good for us as well as for nature. At present its a pressing need that we should shift from chemical based harmful and toxic cultivation practices to eco friendly organic farming where other living, supporting elements of nature can help to make it more effective. We need to understand and learn to coexist with nature.

In coming years community farming and collective farming will play important role, to come out of this. Since now you want to grow and cultivate for better health and life, rather than high margin and market trends

Gradually we are realizing the health benefit of such practices, people from different sector are showing interest and coming together to start a small project.

we are helping them with required technical and practical knowledge.

In-fact there are lot of things involved and when you start such project with proper guidance, it will give you outstanding results.

We are involved in different actives as mentioned below.

Landscape & Garden designing.



There are different approach to setup a hydroponic system, as following

Wick Systems, DWC, NFT, Ebb and Flow, Aeroponics, Drip Systems each one has its own pros and cons selection depends on feasibility an desired outcome. In practical implementation there’s no hard and fast rule to follow one approach completely. We provide customized setup based on project requirements.

Why ?

It is a big subject to cover in a space like this, in brief … Such a system works effectively in harsh environments and it eliminate the soil management. With controlled well balanced supplements to plants one can get best optimum outputs such as high production, better quality, color, texture, size.


A much better version of hydroponic system and its eco friendly.

Setup follows same approach as used in hyroponic system ( Wick Systems, DWC, NFT, Ebb and Flow, Aeroponics, Drip Systems ).

It generates no toxic wastes, proper use of water, no chemical uses. The success depends on Proper planning, designing and setting up SOP for the same.

Drip-irrigation Setup & Automation Solution.

It is a proven fact that by only controlled watering (optimum water supply) to a crop you can get much better results. Setting up such system is a one time cost. A well planned system last for years. In long term one needs to take care of normal Wear and tear it is normal with any system.

By installing such a system you can save upto 40% water compare to normal /open irrigation.

The durability depends on proper planning before implementation of such system As often people contact us with failed system. Most of the things installed but wrong way. Without proper calculation and measurements. Such problems can be taken care of by resetting the system and tuning according to the requirements

Providing recovery treatment and consultation for sick/ damaged/ dying/ deteriorating garden/ Hydroponic system.

Online consultation and guiding

Aeroponic Solution.

Soil-less Growing Medium.

Water Plants Water Lilies, Lotus etc setup & Cultivation.

Herbal and Medicinal Plants.. And Garden Setup

Exotic Plants & Orchids Cultivation.

Different Organic fertilizer/Manure and plant food designing & Preparation.

Organic Farming and gardening Solotion.

Green House Farming Planning & Designing.

Bonsai & miniature Garden Setup.

Vertical Garden Setup.

Fruit and flowering Plant cultivation.