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For years we cultivating hundreds of different rare exotic plants herbs, waterlilies different types of Lotus, fruiting and Flowering trees amazing rare roses like Black rose Blue Rose and green Rose orchids ferns and lot other commercial fruiting flowering plants the list is pretty long…. Apart from this we setup green house commercial Farming setup, consultation preparing different guidelines, sop for farms and commercial growers, water automation, hydrophilic Aquaponic,, soilless growing medium.

Most common problems i see with personal garden, balcony gardeners and house plant growers ………

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Complete food supplement for waterlily plant.


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Premium Organic Manure (Complete Food Source)

Premium Organic Manure (Complete Food Source)

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Waterlily Plant

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Lotus Plants

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Vertical Garden

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Orchids Plants

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NicksGardenss Premium Organic Manure For Plants

NicksGardenss Premium Organic Manure For Plants

Now with this NicksGardenss Premium Organic Manure For Plants series its much easy to apply manure to your plants. Its so…


Black Rose Plants

Yes these are real black roses… and real live black rose plants.… if you have one black rose plant, then how to go about with …..

Water Lily Plant

We cultivate different variety and type of water lilies and water plants. for example night blooming water lily, water lilies which like shade, bi-color water lily, fragrance water lily, day bloomer waterlily….