"They are alive !! ... living beings"

"Plants can feel your presence.."

Even if you have 2 or 10000 plants and trees, go to them, to meet them. Plants can feel your presence, and everyday wait for you and feel happy when you go near them and look at them. Sometimes I go for 15-20 days trip and when I return every time each one of the plants starts flowering !!!! (even though for some of them its not their flowering season).

Don't throw away or kill any plant if due to insects or some other reason its partially dried up. It is still alive and fighting with its last bit of strength to come out of the disease. if you give them little care you will see within a few days a tiny leaf somewhere on it.


"everyday morning they would come and greet you..."

Have you seen plants and trees badly damaged by people, insects, animals, if you just clean them and treat the soil little bit. Within a few days they start recovering and gradually cover with healthy leaves flowers / fruits.

Really if they could walk, every day morning they would come and greet you with their gifts flowers, fruits and even shiny green leaves, just to make you feel happy.

" "together they create a complete ecosystem...""

Don't kill all the insects with your pesticides. There are bugs like Lady bug, fire flies, honey bees which help the plants by eating harmful insects or with pollination. Trees, plants insects, bees, butterflies, birds together they create a complete ecosystem.

There are certain plants if you grow along with other plants they promote growth and protect other plants from diseases

When you care for them and love them, they give you the most precious gift that they can i.e. flowers fruits and lot more !! beyond your imagination.

Herbal garden setup

""inspired by a thought or hope that one day they will be cared and loved...""

Even when you don't care. During my course once a professor told me look at them (fruit trees) how shameless these trees are every year they produce so many fruits people just take away the fruits sell them and don't even look at the plant/trees or give them manure. But I believe they (trees/plants) do so inspired by a thought or hope that one day they will be cared and loved by us.

Even plants can communicate, feel, respond just like birds and animals but with our fast track life style we have forgotten that and treat them as a product.

Once a saint told me "do you know how books on herbal medicine were written in India ?"

"or else it (flower, fruit root leaf) won't have that healing effect..."

"The sages would go and sit in front of each type of plant and tree and ask them, and plant would reveal all the properties , the sages would write them including hours, minute and season of the year when it will be most effective (without trial and errors and chemical analysis) and those who knows can cure any illness effectively. before taking flowers, fruit, roots, leaf one should ask/tell the tree or plant or else it (flower/ fruit/root/ leaf) won't have that healing effect."

Regarding planting trees and plants, it was/is a complete science in India. Where to plant, when to plant, how to plant, combination of plants and trees based on individuals spiritual and physical requirements.

There are lot more research going-on , on plants and trees i.e. healing, stress management, positive energy etc just google it ..!!!

Few Important points

"Plants can feel your presence.."

REMEMBER if your soil is good and plant is healthy chances of catching diseases is very rare.

NEVER-ever use chemical pesticides at regular interval just as routine maintenance, it will stagnant/slow the plant growth. Instead focus on manure and soil condition to make plant more healthy.

JUST like human we need medicine to help stop infection and recover. If you are healthy you recover quickly with lesser application of medicine.

NOTE : If you have bought plants from some small stall check for soil before re-potting and try removing soil as much as you can without damaging roots. since mostly they plant in plain sticky soil which when planted don't get enough water and in turn your plant dies or don't show any growth.


"your 70% work is done (BELIEVE ME) "


MOST most important part of gardening, if you have prepared the soil properly (organic matter, compose etc in right proportion) and the soil is right, you got a reason to calibrate since your 70% work is done (BELIEVE ME) rest 30% plants will take care and regular maintains will give you outstanding results.


You can grow anything better in pots compare to open field. You just need right potting material and regular maintenance (its not a rocket science).


NOTE : there's nothing called new and old soil, its just that the soil is not that healthy and you need to add certain matter to it to make it healthy (the way a plant likes). in simple terms alive soil or dead soil i.e soil microorganisms. Just like dead and alive water.

HAVE seen lot of traditional gardeners telling clients you need new soil and add some red/ Black oxide to it (which may leads to cancer i.e.veg gardening) sell them telling its new/River-side/or garden soil.

MY way is different than traditional gardening. Which normally brings great results.


1. One handful of neem leafs + 1 teaspoon black mustard seed fry it, make paste or powder(for later use). 1-2 teaspoon/ltr water mix it properly spray for pest.

2. 1/2 tsp neem oil boil in water and add normal water to make it 1 ltr solution ( let it cool down to room temperature) shake it well before spraying on plant (use it immediately).

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