Black Rose

"Why are we writing on black rose here ??.."

Why are we writing on black rose here ?? Lets start with .., "yes we do cultivate black roses, of different varieties.. We are cultivating black rose for years" and I am suppose to write about black roses Since i know about them and cultivate them. Think this ways, Its not some imaginary writing with random fact, rather its an over view about black roses and things you need to consider, to grow one...

Yes these are real black roses... and real live black rose plants....

Purpose of this article is to let you know that real black rose exist...

And if you have one black rose plant, then how to go about with her care and maintenance...

For years we are cultivating black rose plants. Though they cost us a lot and really difficult to cultivate but, anyways we are successfully cultivating them and supplying across India


"There Are Different Types Of Black Rose Plants or some people call it Balck Rose bush!..."

There Are Different Types Of Black Rose Plants or some people call it Black Rose bush!

Black Rose Plants or Black Rose bush are different than Button Roses, black rose plant produce Black Color flowers, As you can see in the images posted here they are black color flowers.

There are different types of black roses that I know and have, among all them, this is the darkest.

The black rose cut flowers you see in market, mostly injected black color, dye in black color, online on websites (Most irritating ones you know why? )as almost everyday I receive queries regarding black rose " I want the one which we saw on net" (unfortunately photo edited ) which in reality doesn't exist, few other queries " I have bought black rose seeds online please guide me on how to germinate them" usually, I guide them with well organised steps, though I know that even if it germinate, it will be some random color, since most are hybrid and best propagated by grafting.

" Darkest shade of Black Rose...."

This is the darkest shade of Black Rose. This type of black rose plant flowers Often. Normally flowers in clusters but they are different than button rose and they are very sensitive...


Black Rose for sale

We cultivate more than 80 type of roses and we do have black roses for sale, black roses are cultivated at certain time of year. You can check Black rose price online at our site

Black Rose Symbolism/ Black Rose Meaning

Roses are normally considered as one of the most positive flower with amazing fragrance, in addition to this, a real black rose is somewhat connected with new beginning / new start ...

It has some medicinal value since lot of people buy from us for medicinal purpose... beyond that I won't tell you, since I am not a medical practitioner.. Though we cultivate 100's of different medicinal and herbal plants and I know their uses/properties ( most of them !!)

Food And Care For Black Rose

The intensity of color , fragrance, size of black rose flowers depends on what food you are giving to them, soil condition and few other factors...

In recent years we are getting more queries on "our black rose plant is not flowering well" or "its not growing well..." Even after replying them with proper steps people forget or just neglect few steps, Since Black Rose plants are sensitive and delicate, few simple mistakes can lead to a disastrous result...

To help you growing Black rose plant properly and keep them healthy, we are introducing Complete Food Supplement For Black Rose Plant. Just like any other plant food from the Complete Food Supplement Series this is equally effective on black roses. This is our own designed product which we use on our black rose plants. Results are just great

black rose you just can't turn away

Even after cultivating, dealing with 100's of different exotic flowering, fruiting plant everyday, I would say, Roses requires more attention than any other plant, more than orchids, when they flower they are so brilliant that you just can't walk away or avoid appreciating their beauty. definitely for such an amazing flower you need to be more attentive.

Black Rose


MOST important part of Rose Planting. If you have prepared the soil properly (organic matter, compose etc in right proportion) and the soil is right, your 70% work is done (BELIEVE ME).

Light Requirement

Black rose plant require full sunlight to grow well.


You can grow black Rose Plants direct on ground or in container... This Black Rose type/variety grows up-to 5ft tall and often flowers


Black roses are delicate And If not maintained properly they may easily get infected. Though it is not a dead end, if you take care and treat the sick plant properly they recover.

It is a fact since some times we get calls to rescue a dieing garden, these projects takes time. But with proper treatment and care gradually they recover and regain their health.

just don't throw away your old Rose plant saying its old won't bear good flowers (C'mon give a try it is still trying her best to cheer you up. don't be rude), with proper care and treatment they'll be as good as any other healthy plant. Its a fact trust me with proper care they regain their health and turn into healthy flowering plant....

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