Water Lily

Waterlilies comes under aquatic plants / water plants. They come in Amazing colors. A properly maintained water lily can change look of your garden. We cultivate different variety and type of water lilies and water plants. for example night blooming waterlilies, water lilies which like shade, bi-color water lily, fragrance water lily, day bloomer waterlily.

In water plants/ aquatic plants water lily are one of the most famous and widely planted.

Based on Growth habit food requirement, water lily plants are bit different than other plants.

water lily

Plants Soil

Though they grow in water, still water-lily need soil. Water-lily plants soil requirements are different than of those grows on land. Water chemistry plays an important role for waterlilies.

Water lily Plant Care

Water lily Plant care : We receive a lot of queries regarding waterlily care .. You can buy and plant a waterlily in you water pond, in container but its difficult to keep it healthy and flowering without proper care.

There are different types of manure and fertilizers available like water lily fertilizer tablets, aquatic plants fertiliser, plant liquid fertiliser, NPK fertiliser, but mostly they fail to keep the plant healthy.

I am not saying that all the water lily plant manure and fertilizers, water lily fertilizer tablets, fertilizer tablets, aquatic plants fertilizer, plant liquid fertilizer, NPK fertilizer are bad, but there's a difference between boosting plants growth for a short time and regular maintenance for long term use, few may have side effects or don't go along with your other water plants, or have bad effects on your fishes. To understand water lily care you need to first understand how different chemical respond in water and water chemistry ... to put in simple words growing water lily is different than the plants grown on land. Water plants respond quickly to any water imbalance compare to the plants grown on land.

There are different factors to consider like water-lily plants soil, manure and fertilizer, different elements available in water and how they respond to a given or newly added element...

I know its getting complex, . to make it simple we are soon going to introduce Water lily plant Practical guide. It will be a practical guide not the ones you buy and keep in your library / book self and once in a while feel good looking at it.

Manure And Fertilizers

manure and fertilizers : Lets discuss few important points and why we designed Complete food supplement for water lily.

As you can see it is bit complex process to get all the necessary ingredients and balance them to a level where they will help your dear waterlily to grow and flower.

We cultivate waterlilies and guide people on, how to care./ maintain water lily plant, but to disappointment mostly people forget or give up since there are lot of steps involved.

To make it simple we designed Nicksgardenss® Water Lily Complete Food Supplement . Instead of using different random tips and tricks from random sources, you can use one single product and get amazing results. Trust me its really simple to apply Complete Food Supplement for Water Lily

water lily

"Nick!!! .. i can see lot of leaves what's wrong!!!!...."

Few first time users and newly started with water lily plant, still complain "nick!!!! after application I can see lot of leaves what's wrong!!!!"

Seriously!... There’s nothing wrong with it .. you need to understand one simple , basic fact that is, a healthy water plant/ water lily must have leaves!!! lot of it !!! if your water lily or water plant was struggling with few, almost dried leaves and after applying complete food for waterlily plants, if it is showing good growth that is definitely a positive sign .... or do you want your struggling waterlily plant to immediately produce flowers with its remaining energy and die !!! have some mercy.. Give some time for your water lily plant to regain its strength and with continues application it will start flowering. I have seen dying water lily ponds recovering and starts flowering (covered with flowers! ) using our complete food supplement for plants... And I Know what it is capable of doing...

It contains NPK and all other essential water lily plant nutrients and micro macro nutrients, in a proportion that works for water Lily plants. In simple words it contains NPK fertilizer , organic fertilizer, micro-nutrient fertilizer, soil nutrients and so on…

For years people are buying from us, all the feedbacks are positive ....

water lily

Light Requirement

There are different types of waterlily plant few like full sunlight and few semi shade,, You need to be careful while selecting place for your water lily depending on water lily plant type


You can grow water lily plants direct in pond or in container...

You can grow a water lily plant indoor....


Right now we have following products available just for water lilies…


🍀 This is a complete solution for your Water Lily Plants.

🍀 This will improve over-all heath of your Water Lily Plant, better flowering, healthy growth, more flowers. just don’t skip application in between.

🍀 Directly from source : we use this on our cultivated waterlilies. Can also apply on any variety/type of Exotic waterlilies.

This one is a economy pack contains one months application for one plant

🍀 This is a complete solution for your Water Lily Plant. .

🍀 This will improve over-all heath of your Water Lily Plant better flowering, healthy growth, more flowers. just don’t skip application in between.

🍀 Directly from source : we use this on our cultivated water lilies. Can also apply on any variety/type of Exotic water lilies.

Initially if you are planting waterlily for first time or fresh plant this is your solution. Since at initial stage if you miss to plant water lily properly it won't grow well… And again with this you don’t need to experiment with any other random thing(s) since its designed just for waterlily planting...

If you have an old water lily plant which don’t show any growth and/or if you want to re-pot a waterlily plant. You can go for Nicksgardenss® Water lily Plant Repotting Kit. You will see a big difference it will help your old water lily plant to revive and turn it to a healthy flowering plant.


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