Strawberry Plants

(Fragaria ananassa)

Strawberry Plants (Fragaria ananassa)

Strawberry Plants

This Strawberry plant (Fragaria ananassa ) variety is none GMO. Big size fruits. Fruits are delicious. Very sweet and aromatic. This is a fast growing variety. You can plant in hot climate.

There are different variety

Strawberries : There are different variety few bear fruit early, few late, few fruits throughout year,

some are hardy and can survive in hot climate, some requires specific climate condition.

This variety is easy to grow in Indian climate.

Strawberry Plants (Fragaria ananassa)

Plant care

Soil: light soil, with organic contents,

Sun Light requirement: semi to full sunlight, depends on your local climate

Watering : water regular (Indian Climate). Be careful over watering will kill them.

Manure And Compost : Apply light manure. They won't survive with strong, fast or chemical manure and fertilizers.

Planting Tips.

with mint plant strawberry grows better

Don't plant them with or near egg-plant or tomato plant.

There are different plants, like herbal plants which help strawberry when planted together or near them,

With mint plant, Strawberry plants grows better, mint plant are easily available, strawberry grow better when planted with them ( It helps strawberry plant).

Can be planted in pots, hanging pots, terrace or on lawn. semi shade to full sunlight.

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