Garden Landscape Consultation Service.

Consultation and complete solution for organic Gardening & plant care.

Consultation and complete solution for organic Gardening, Landscaping & Plant care.

For years we have been providing services and solutions on Water automation, Hydroponic, Aquaponic, Aeroponic, Sprinkler, mister, fogger, drip irrigation setup, Commercial Farming setup, Vertical Garden setup and consultation, and different plant cultivation.

All our products and services are result based. What we offer is what you get.

We can assure you that with our guidance you can

🍀 Reduce overall cost and

🍀 In the long term you will have lesser recurring expenses.

🍀 We emphasize organic solutions rather than harmful chemical based setup which in long term is harmful for you and the environment.


🍀 Agriculture/ Horticulture consultation.

🍀 Landscaping & Garden designing

🍀 Agriculture Consultation,

🍀 Soilless Growing Medium for plants.

🍀 Complete solution on, Recovery of damaged/dying/deteriorating gardens.

🍀 Online consultation for garden / commercial farm/ lawn/ greenhouse.

🍀 Bonsai & Miniature Garden Setup.

🍀 Office Garden Setup and Consultation.

🍀 Terrace Garden Setup and consultation

🍀 Auspicious garden designing for Temples. and spiritual practice centers.

🍀 Aeroponics Solution

🍀 Hydroponic Solutions.

🍀 Aquaponic Solution.

🍀 Organic Farming and gardening Solution.

🍀 Green House Farming , Planning & Designing.

🍀 Drip-irrigation, sprinkler, fogger/mister Setup.

🍀 Water Automation Solution.

🍀 Vertical garden Setup.

🍀 Water Plants : Water Lilies, Lotus etc setup & Cultivation.

🍀 Herbal and Medicinal Plants garden setup

🍀 Different Organic fertilizer/Manure and plant food for specific plant type.

🍀 Exotic plants Garden setup.

🍀 fruiting, flowering, seasonal Plants garden.

🍀 Medicinal and herbal plants garden

🍀 Orchids garden

🍀 Onsite visit and consultation for garden, commercial farm, green house..

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Complete food supplement for waterlily plant.


If you want to plant your waterlily successfully, ...


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Complete Food Supplement for orchids. Special Pack for....

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Premium Organic Manure (Complete Food Source)

Premium Organic Manure (Complete Food Source)

Complete food Supplement for hibiscus plant

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