All About pruning: prune tree And pruning plants


Pruning tree and pruning plants plays an important role in gardening and farming (flower tree/fruit trees).


what is pruning of : plants and Tree : Pruning is just not simply cutting branches as you wish...

If you want to keep tree / garden healthy you need to check time to time for infections abnormalities.

Just like any other living being even plants get sick or infected with diseases.

The most common reason is, if few of its branches are damaged or old and drying, harmful insects get a weak point and start attacking the branch. Once they get into the tree they gradually spread and start killing rest of the tree. Even though a plant has its own protecting strategy, if the attack/ infection is strong they mostly fail to protect themselves and eventually die.


This is where they need help of their most trusted and loved buddy that’s you!!!!!!

And mostly out of ignorance or lack of knowledge instead of helping your buddy who gives you air to breath and food to eat, and who’s counting on you for her life you just declare “this tree/plant is old it will damage other plants cut it down and burn it to ashes ” !!!!!!!!

Out of Ignorance

Few of you consider pruning and cutting branches as a cruel act and believe that its equal to cutting down their organs..

Please think they are different than us..

Here’s an example..

When someone ask me for consultation and request me to visit their farm, since most of the plants are dying…

Here’s what happened in one of my visits.

After looking and inspecting the infected tree and plants I knew what’s wrong and gave them a proper pruning and treatment… And here’s most shocking reaction from the client… Oh noooo nick!!!!! What did you do!!!!!

My reply "why what happened!!!"

Nick you just cutoff his (the trees) hand and head everyday he use to look at me!!! Now for sure he’ll die i can’t believe you just did this etc….

My usual reply was "oh! can you please point out the trees eyes brain and other organs!!!" It would die for sure if I haven’t treated it.

You see your over concern and ignorance will kill your plant and tree, you need to understand one basic fact that is, they are alive, but they are a different life form than us... humans!!!!

Now lets get back to pruning..

You may be thinking ” but what happened to that tree??? ” AFTER 45 days of punning and treatment first time in ten years it bloomed and covered with flowers. You see That’s what it was suppose to do, if treated properly

You see, the importance of pruning, apart from the reason cutting the dying branches, it promotes new growth..

You know, if a tree / plant is covered with weak branches which can't even hold the weight of its fruit and flowers, and the branches are so weak that, they even can’t circulate food properly. These branches are not going to bring any good results, moreover these branches will block space for new healthy branch to grow.

That plant is not a factory!!!

You may ask why it is growing weak branches at first place!!!🙄… And my usual answer would be.. Stop!!! using experimental tricks🕵️and stop using strong and harmful chemical Fertilizer… This is a big topic I’ll talk about it in some other article…

But just because a product says NPK its not for your perennial plants or “oh when I applied 20 grams, the tree gave 50 flowers lets apply 800 grams now it will sure produce 2000 flowers” .. That’s One disaster!⚡ That plant is not a factory!!! She don’t follow your calculations, You can't calculate like that “if i input this number of raw materials it will output that number of final product!!

Lets not try to discuss everything in one go and get back to the topic "pruning" .

Lets Prune

Always remember this, “you are dealing with living elements they are alive”, They are different than us and they are more loving then us….

"Ok now I can understand the importance of pruning, now I’ll prune my trees every week🤠🏋️.."

No you should not!!

you will kill your tree for sure!. I know I said pruning is important, but it doesn’t mean without proper knowledge, just reading till this point/paragraph you are so overwhelmed that you decide to do weekly pruning.. And already ordered a turbo chainsaw!! online??

First Thing First.

First You need to identify if at all your plant and tree needs pruning if you are not sure ask an expert to guide you and identify for you…

when should I do the pruning?

Depending on your county’s climate pattern Pruning should not be done when the plant is going to dormant state or its already fruiting and Flowering.

There are lot of other things to consider while pruning like type of tool, time, After treatment, other precautions, Correct process etc.. Its beyond the scope of this article. I’m sure by now you have realized the importance of pruning.

Soon we will start adding self learning materials here… Do let me know what do you want to see here … I’ll sure add your suggestion.

types of pruning

There are different types of pruning.

trimming Hedges

Normally trimming hedges is done, to give shape to hedges. and thin out a bit to promote better growth...

The pruning tools used are different, than those tools use to cut tree branches.

Pruning Gardening Trees

pruning Gardening Trees follows a different approach than trees grown in commercial farm. Here the pruning is focused on look rather than productively.. Since in a garden we grow different types of plants. To keep overall look in harmony, you need to do garden trimming. which includes over growing or tall branches which are blocking sunlight and space for other plants. Its an important part of plant care... The pruning is followed by proper plant care and treatment, to make sure it remains healthy after pruning....


Root Trimming

In garden or terrace garden we plant small trees, fruit plants and flower plants in containers ... It is important to do root trimming time to time ... After a certain time old roots dies and block most of the space for new root to grow. In-turn the plant gradually become weak. and get infected with some diseases. You need to be careful while root trimming , since you are not suppose to cut root randomly a wrong root trimming may kill your plant.

Pruning In Horticulture

There are different flowering plants that need regular proper pruning. For Example Rose Plant. Pruning is an important part of rose care.

Mostly the pruning is done to enhance rose flower size and quality. As well as pruning roots, plays an important role in keeping the plant healthy. In commercial farming of rose, its necessary to do a hard pruning, to keeping the plant healthy.... pruning is done using different plant pruners

Then again there a few who thinks rose tree pruning is a cruel act and eventually they end up killing their rose plants and keep buying new ones believing the plant was not good ... Please pay close attention to your plants health .. If its alive you can always bring her back to healthy growth... Just like your pets nail and fur cutting is not cruel, its important for your pet and as well as you ....

Plant Shaping

Again in plant shaping the plant or trees are pruned, primarily (prune tree/ pruning plants) to give them certain shape, the pruning is focused on aesthetics and looks.... and so we called it plant shaping. But keeping the plants healthy is equally important... The pruning/plant shaping must be followed by a proper plant care for certain time, to make sure they are not infected with any pest or fungus...

Pruning Techniques

There are different methods of pruning and different types of tools, used in pruning techniques. For example cutting bonsai, or pruning bonsai. Here main focus of pruning is on, keeping the plant or tree in miniature form but in healthy condition. It is done using different hand pruners, plant pruners, plant trainer and other tools, to train the plant. To make them grow in a certain desired way... Bonsai is not just keeping a plant in pot and chopping off its branches from top... Its a big subject ... For Bonsai You need to focus on every aspect of a bonsai plant, soil, manure,different nutrients, roots, watering, etc....

Pruning Bloom trees, Evergreen Shrubs

pruning Bloom trees, Evergreen Shrubs: The pruning is done on certain time of year to encourage healthy growth and/or bloom... You don't prune these trees and evergreen shrub when these plants and trees are in dormant stage... you may just kill your plants or trees if you are pruning them at wrong time....

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