Water lily Plant Starter Kit

Nicksgardenss® Waterlily Plant Starter Kit.

If you want to grow waterlily plant. And want them to flower and grow healthy (bright flowers and shiny leafs) you need to plant them properly.

For potted waterlily plants proper planting plays an important role. At initial stage waterlily need proper food to grow healthy and come to a stage where they can start flowering. I have designed Nicksgardenss® Waterlily Plant Starter Kit specially for waterlily, by adding different essential elements, which they need at initial growing stage. On our pants it shows great results.

If you are planning to keep a waterlily plant that flowers. You must plant them by applying Nicksgardenss® Waterlily Plant Starter Kit to your waterlily planting soil. You will see the difference (Healthy growth Great results). Its mostly organic.


🍀 N icksgardenss® Waterlily Plant Starter Kit Contains...

⚫ Water lily planting material for one water lily plant

⚫ Complete Food supplement for one water lily, for one month.

🍀 If you don’t know anything about waterlily planting Nicksgardenss® Waterlily Plant Starter Kit will definitely help you. Just follow the simple instruction manual.

🍀 It provides necessary food to water lily plants, to grow healthy and flowering.

🍀 Healthy growth, Great results. Very Easy to apply. No critical measurements.

🍀 If you are using this you. don’t need to add any fancy chemical on your waterlily plant while planting.

🍀 NO side effects on long term use. They love it (waterlily)

🍀 Directly from source : we use this on our cultivated water lilies. Can also apply on any variety/type of Exotic water-lilies.

🍀 It contains NPK and other essential elements including micro, macro nutrients.

🍀 Easy to Apply, just follow the simple steps given in instructions manual. Each pack contains materials for one water lily plant.

🍀 How to use and planting details are provided with the pack as instruction manual.

🍀 This is mostly organic hence safe to use.

⚫ It will enrich waterlily Planting soil

⚫ shiny Healthy leafs.

⚫ good growth.

🍀 Nicksgardenss® Waterlily Plant Starter Kit is specially designed for waterlily plants.

🍀 You will see the difference within 45-50 days of using it ( Don’t skip the steps ).

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