first time with bulbs??

Is It your first time with bulbs?? Here's what you do


Here's in quick steps how you plant flower bulbs and after that.... NEVER-EVER dig and try to see if its growing. Only way is when you see green leaves.

🌱 Nicksgardenss Bulbs 🌱

soil : mix soil and sand 70:30 ratio.

✔ Prepare 1/2 ltr. solution by adding

1/2 ltr. water 💦 ➕ 1/2 tsp pesticide ➕

1/2 tsp fungicide ➕ few drops of cow urine (not raw can use patanjalis ARK)

Pot size 5-6" is ok.

Dip the bulbs in the prepared solution for 5-10 seconds.

Fill the pot 50% with prepared soil.

Place the bulb at centre and gently cover the bulb with the prepared soil in such tht bulb will be 1/2" below the soil. Lightly press in the soil and level the surface.

Keep the pot in semi shade place.

Pour the solution on soil till soil is completely drenched.

After that just wait and apply plain water only to keep the soil moist.(approx after 2-3 days)

After few days if you see any warm/insects in soil, prepare and apply the solution once as before( anyways it never happens)

🌱 And just patiently wait till it comes up with leaf/shoot

🚫 NO digging and checking bulbs status.

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